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Primordial Goddess Healing

Soulful Synergy Alignment & Flow

Colour Mirrors Practitioner & Teacher
Holy Fire Reiki ® & Karuna Holy Fire Reiki ® Master Teacher
Cosmic Channel & Psychic Medium
Spiritual Healer & Teacher

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About Me

I started my business 8 years ago and have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of beautiful souls like yourself. I am a Holy Fire Reiki ® Master Teacher, Karuna Holy Fire Reiki ® Master Teacher, Psychic Medium, Colour Mirrors Practitioner/Teacher, and Galactic Channel. Currently I have been ordained as a Priest in the Order of Melchizedek. My mission is to awaken the magic within you by showing you the magic within your own divinity.

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My Services

Specific to YOUR Energetic Needs

As an experienced Spiritual Medium, Channel, and Teacher, I am pleased to share my psychic gifts and Spiritual knowledge with all of my clients and students. I offer a variety of psychic services, classes, and healing modalities to help and shift my clients see their own potential, gifts, and divinity . Take a look at the services below. I am excited to connect with you on a deeper level.

Channeling Sessions


These are based on YOUR energetic needs and where you are on your Spiritual Journey. These sessions balance your energy, open up your Spiritual Gifts, and shift what you need in order to move forward. These are done through zoom and a recording will be provided to you after the session.

Past Life Readings


We go into the past lives that need to be healed for you to move forward in all aspects of life. We can work on relationships, money, career, and growth. These also include soul retrievals and gift integration. Another amazing part of this reading is that we can go back into past lives and integrate your gifts, abilities, and power with your current timeline.

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Colour Mirrors Reading


Get to know and understand what your soul is communicating with you through color. This is the most indepth reading I've experienced. There are many different readings that fall under this modality. This includes dynamic, numerology, year, birthday, or focus on one specific challenge in your life.

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Client Testimonials

Straight From The Source

When you first embark on this journey of Holy Fire Reiki, the first thing you become aware of is that you become your own student of healing. You see, HFR quite literally rips you open .. to be healed first. From the very beginning, I experienced profound awareness into what still I needed healing for and as I was going through the course, Katie was able to tap into exactly I needed to help me become a better practitioner, and to help heal my clients going forward. You see when you embark on the certification, your healing becomes paramount and brings to the surface the things you never even knew were causing you pain. I’ve learned so much in the past five months about myself, and how I can incorporate Holy Fire Reiki into my nutrition practice, and I am forever grateful to the practice and for Katie for holding space for me and knowing exactly how to proceed (based on how I was feeling)… This part is difficult to explain but with so much release, sometimes it was difficult to continue with class and Katie knew to pivot and go in a different direction. You won’t find that with any other teacher. Katie is not just your teacher, she forms a deep connection with her students and forms relationships with which enables her to know exactly what is needed prior to making the next step.  

Don’t wait. Do this, take the certification .. for yourself and for others. You will not regret it.

Christina Frake

Put your reservations aside -- YOU WILL BENEFIT FROM A SESSION WITH KATIE! Her energy is so pure and nourishing. You simply show up and Katie fills your energy tanks direct from Source!

Nancy Harrity


I am profoundly grateful to share my heartfelt experience with the Colour Mirrors Reading I had with Katie. Having struggled with trauma since birth, enduring PTSD and cPTSD, and living with chronic pain for over 30 years, I approached our sessions with hope but cautious optimism. To say that the impact was transformative would be an understatement. Since the Colour Mirrors Reading, each day has brought a noticeable improvement in my well-being. The two sprays I purchased have been remarkable, not only affecting positive change in me but also in my son, and all of our generational healing.

During a recent encounter with Jesus and my other loved ones, the healing continued, and the subsequent past life reading with Katie that we explored together brought even deeper levels of healing. The journey to recovery from such profound trauma is undoubtedly long, slow, and arduous, particularly when one has lacked the necessary support.

I extend my deepest gratitude for the incredible gifts, talents, and abilities Katie brings to this work and her support. Her readings have been a beacon of light, guiding me through a path of healing that I never thought possible. I am indebted to Katie for the positive shifts in my life and the hope you've reignited within me. All of the readings I have received have been so very helpful on my spiritual healing journey.

I wholeheartedly recommend any of Katie’s readings to anyone seeking profound and transformative healing. Katie’s unique approach, coupled with her compassionate nature, creates a space where true healing can take place.

Michelle Lincomfelt

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"To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge"


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Competitive Pricing

Truly Top-Notch

I don't believe money should hold anyone back from healing, growing, and tapping into their authenticity. I offer pay in full and payment plans as needed. Money is energy. Energy is always moving and shifting. There is something for everyone from Workshops, Programs, Classes, and individual sessions.

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